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  • 日期2018-09-12 时间12:20—13:20
    教练owKpnt6bBOMc2ESUYy7Jhnjmkuq4 剩余名额16
    类型CrossFit Slash 常规课程
  • 课程说明
    CrossFit 本课程需要具备CrossFit基础且通过教练员评估的人士参与。课程包含:负重器械/自重训练,基础体操技巧培训,心肺耐力等,以实现全面提升身体素质和运动表现力的训练目标。课程由具备CrossFit Level 1证书的教练员授课。每节课由“热身—技术讲解—WOD—肌肉拉伸放松”四部分组成。 During our regular CrossFit classes, we will use a combination of weightlifting, basic gymnastic movements, natural movement and cardio in an HIIT (high intensity interval training) format to give attendees the best possible foundation for both short and long term fitness, strength, health and mobility. Classes will be led by a certified instructor and consist of a warm up, strength/skill section, high-intensity WOD (workout of the day), and a cool down and stretching. NB:You must be able to perform all of the fundamental movements you will need.

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