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Gymnastic Strength for CrossFit 体操中的力量练习
  • 日期2018-09-17 时间19:30—20:30
    教练owKpnt6bBOMc2ESUYy7Jhnjmkuq4 剩余名额5
    类型CrossFit Slash 特色课程
  • 课程说明
    本项课程将会有针对性地发展与CrossFit相关的一些体操动作的力量,例如双力臂,倒立撑,倒立行走以及其它的一些在CrossFit中的一些出名的高难度体操动作。 我们会以4周为一个单位,来攻克技巧上的难关。例如,我们会花四周来练习基础力量,然后下一个四周练习爬绳等。 你需要记录每次的训练内容,力求在下一次的训练中超越之前的轮数!所以,记得带上笔和纸。 大体而言,课上的学员都会朝着一个大目标去努力,但是训练的内容会根据每个人的自身的强项与弱项进行定制化的调整。 请注意!这节课并不会让你大汗淋漓。 课程会很艰难,可能会有许多重复的内容。 但是如果你坚持下去,一定可以解锁那些很难的体操动作。 This class is going to focus on developing the strength and skill required to do muscle ups, handstand push ups, handstand walking and other notoriously difficult CrossFit Movements. We will work on skills in 4 week blocks. For example 4 weeks work on basic strength then 4 weeks work on rope climbing etc. You will be expected to write down your workouts as you will need to beat the reps you did last week. For example if this week you did 10 pull ups, next week you need to do at least 11. Bring a notepad and pen! Everyone will be working towards the same overall goals, but workouts will be customised slightly for each person depending on their strengths and weaknesses. A warning. You will NOT be sweating here. It will be hard and a lot of it will be repetetive. But, if you stick with it, I promise you will be able to do these movements. Time to get strong!

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